Sport, culture and wine


The town of Kyjov is known mainly for its folklore, wine and the unique landscape of the Kyjov Uplands. The main attraction for arriving tourists is cycling and local wine cellars. There are many marked cycling paths in and around Kyjov and they offer beautiful views and natural scenery that is typical for this area. The regular stops on these routes are the local wine cellars where visitors can get some refreshments and taste excellent Moravian wines.


“Cyclists welcome” is the motto here, but most bike paths in the area are well suitable for in-line skates or scooters too. There are no limits to the means of transport in our region. The town of Kyjov offers several freely accessible skate parks, a bike trial area or a pump track with bends for real enthusiasts.

Bike path Mutěnka, total route length 14,5 km

Bike path Hovorany – Šardice, total route length 2 km

Bike path Kyjov – Bohuslavice, total route length 2,2 km

Bike path Ždánice – Uhřice, total route length 9 km

You will also find other activities like a professional hockey field, several halls for indoor sports of all kinds and tennis courts. All this is within walking distance of our guest house.


For centuries Kyjov has been associated with folklore and traditions. You can find plenty of evidence of this in the museum exhibitions of the Kyjov town and in the surrounding villages and towns. Feast festivities are regularly held in towns and villages of this region. The Ride of the Kings is an event listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. The most important event of this type in the Kyjov region is called “Slovácký rok” and it takes place once every 4 years. More than 2,000 costumed participants come to the royal city to present their art and traditions in a full-weekend program for tens of thousands of visitors.


South Moravia and wine are inseparable and this is no different in Kyjov. Everywhere you look, you will come across wine cellars or the vineyards themselves. Wine tourism is just flourishing here and where else to taste wine than at the source. Throughout the year a large number of wine tastings and wine competitions take place in the area. You can visit any of them and taste the best from our local winemakers. We will be very happy to recommend local winemakers and notable events to visit.